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Website Content Writing

Web content writing is very different then writing for print. Visitors come in to a website and within 3-5 seconds you have to "hook" them before they are gone and onto another website. Your web copy needs to be designed in a way that visitors understand the essence of your site without having to go through paragraphs of copy.

The key to writing effective copy that sells is simply learning how to write persuasive words specifically written for your targeted customer. Understanding of your targeted customer’s needs is essential in writing your copy that will excite and benefit them. Answer the unasked question they have; exactly what is in it for them? Write copy that evokes emotion and stresses your product's benefits.

Targeting is critical: When you're looking at "everyone" as potential customers you miss your best customers. Sure, you'll get a varied group of people who don't fit your profile, but you need to aim your marketing at a carefully-defined group of people. Determine who your customers are and what benefits they expect. What are their demographics, age, gender, etc.? Write your copy to be interesting and in terms that your targeted customer will understand.

What will trigger your customers to buy? Work these triggers into your sales copy.

5 Common Reasons that will Trigger Buying Decisions:

  1. People will buy to save money
  2. People will also buy to make money
  3. People will buy a product or service if it makes life easier
  4. People will buy something if it saves them time
  5. People will buy something if it improves their safety

The process of buying is usually not a rational decision. "People buy based on emotion and justify with fact." Factors affecting how customers make decisions are extremely complex. Buyer behavior is deeply rooted in psychology with dashes of sociology thrown in just to make things more interesting.

The key top persuasive copywriting is to tap into the buyer’s emotions and their buying trigger. And our web content can do just that.