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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. To build a website, what do you need from me?

A. We need your help and time to build up a website that truly represents your company. We work with you to gather the information that we need. Here is a list of what we will be asking for:

  • FTP Access - If you have an existing web hosting account, we will need access to it so we can make changes to your website. If you have a website control panel, we will need control panel access via an associated username and password.
  • Online Interview - We have an online interview that will act as a blueprint to creating your website. This interview is the primary communication tool for all of our designers, programmers, SEO specialists and webmasters. Within the first week of the project, we will set up a time to go through the interview, which typically takes one hour to complete.
  • Final Text Content - We will design the website around the final text content you provide, so please submit it as you would like it to appear on the website. If time constraints prevent this, you may optionally use one of our professional content writers and we charge per page.
  • Website Photos - We will, of course, find great non-royalty photos for your website, but we would love your input on what type of photos you would like to include. If you have that perfect picture of your staff or your company facility that you want to include, please provide any such photos.
  • A High Quality Logo Format - The better the quality, the better a logo will appear on your site. Please provide your logo to us in the best format available. We prefer a vectorized format.

Q. How do I change hosting to your company?

A. All you need to do is purchase hosting from us and you will receive instructions on how to transfer your hosting to our servers. If you prefer, our technical service can assist you with this transfer. This is what they will be looking for:

  • Domain Name Access - Your domain name is the name or URL of your website. When you registered the domain name, you were assigned a username and password through the company that provided domain registration services, which we will need to access when setting up your hosting.
  • Email Addresses - A change of hosting often requires new email addresses unless you are using an exchange server. If this is the case, all email must be downloaded prior to the change.
  • FTP Access (old hosting account): If you have an existing web hosting account, we will need access to it so we can download your website. If you have a website control panel, we will need control panel access via an associated username and password.

Q. Will you write my website content for me?

A. Yes, this is a service that we frequently offer. We do charge for each page that we write. We ask for copies of any marketing materials that you have and then we arrange a time to interview you or a member of your staff. We typically record this question and answer session and use this to write your website content. We may supplement this with added research. You will get our draft and have a chance to edit and request changes. We then write a final draft.

Q. Do I choose and approve the design?

A. Our designs are custom and created specifically for your business.

  • First we gather your design preferences and ask you for example websites that you like the look and feel of. This gives us insight into what types of design you prefer.
  • We then prepare a site map and then a wireframe. A wireframe is a diagram of how navigation and information will be organized on your web page. You get a chance to approve this.
  • We then prepare a design concept for you to approve. We can easily make changes to the overall design at this point.
  • Once approved, we build this into an actual web pageā€¦ and of course you get a chance to approve the final website and we can make minor changes to text and layout as requested.

Q. Where do the photographs and pictures come from for my website??

A. These can either be supplied by yourself or we purchase images for use on your website. We purchase them from services such as to ensure there will never be problems with issues such as copyright infringement.