Business Web Design

We're in the business of helping people. Because fundamentally, that’s why people would come to your website, right?

And it is in our business web design principles that we follow a method of effectively giving your visitor exactly what they want. Your website does not need to complicate the process, which can leave your visitor confused, unimpressed or unwilling to purchase your good or service. It is important to craft a website for your visitor; for them to easily see the benefits of your product, to feel confident in their purchasing process, and to make the act of buying your product quick and easy.

The websites we develop all incorporate the following traits:

  • Build Trust - Nobody is going to buy products from a company that does not seem credible; the websites we design project confidence and through smart design, qualm any apprehension your visitor may have.
  • Offer Value - Make your visitor's life better in some way.
  • Be Clear - Guide your visitor to the solution to their problem using smart web navigation.
  • Take Action - The "next step" for your visitor should be easy and intuitive.
  • Be Memorable - You have 3-5 seconds to interest a visitor or lose them in a click; project professionalism while capturing their attention.

A truly great business website genuinely sets out to help people, and through our process of AIDA (the selling sequence of Attention, Interest, Desire and Action), we can help convert your visits into sales utilizing smart website design.

Attention - gain your customers awareness and attention
Interest - focus on the advantages and benefits of the product
Desire - convince customers that they need your product; that it will satisfy their needs
Action - give your visitors an easy path to purchase your product

Each step relies on the other (your visitor will not have any desire to purchase your product if they are not interested in the advantages it offers them, nor will there be any interest if you can not capture your visitor’s attention), and our business web design uses this sequence to drive focused, relevant traffic to your website.