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Online Web Marketing

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~ This was posted on May 4, 2009

Before the invention of the web many businesses market their products and services through expensive media channels like TV ads and direct call advertising. Depending on your marketing budget and targeted audience it would cost from as little as a few thousand to couple of millions.

Today in the information age you can find almost everything online. More than 1.5 billion people world wide uses the internet and is still growing ( Web marketing does not restrict to a single location or require large amount of budget like conventional marketing. Online web marketing has provided businesses both small and large with an inexpensive avenue of adverting product and services.

“What marketing channels should I use to market my product or services?”


The marketing channels that should be used to market your product or services all depends on the type of business and target audience. All ecommerce business should deploy online web marketing since it is a good way to drive traffic to the site and increase web ranking. Conventional marketing like TV, Newspaper, Radio, etc. should be considered if an ecommerce business sells products to only a small location. Marketing online is a good way for businesses that sells offline to create good reputation line with people does a search for the company.

To be truly successful in both the online and offline marketing businesses need to establish good reputation and build credibility.

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Effective eCommerce Website Design: Product Layout

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~ This was posted on April 17, 2009

Simply adding products to your online ecommerce website store will not generate sales. Good ecommerce web design takes time, planning and research. Potential customers come to your site for a reason and if that reason is not fulfilled then you’ve missed out on a sale.

Some simple tips for product layout on your ecommerce website design that would help draw users to click and look around a site rather then leaving the site right away are:

Easy navigation
Don’t overwhelm the user with lots of categories on your ecommerce website design but instead limit categories by putting them into a few large categories and having sub categories. Most users will leave a site when overwhelmed by too much information. A simple rule of thumb to consider when doing ecommerce web design on navigation is to keep it under three clicks. If users can’t get to a product in three clicks or fewer, then try redesigning your navigation.

Product picture/Description
A huge disadvantage of online businesses is the fact that the consumer doesn’t have the luxury to feel and touch the products before buying. This is where product pictures and descriptions come into play. Have small multiple thumbnail pictures of the same product linking to larger images if a user decides to click on it. Have some text to describe the product. A great example of this on a well known ecommerce website is Amazon.

Store Search Function
This is a helpful tool on any ecommerce store since it helps users to easily search for what they want within seconds on a website. Putting a search function is not an easy task and requires an experience programmer to help. It is recommended that only large online businesses with lots of products have the search function.

Show Pricing
Show product price, discounts, and shipping costs are a good practice for any e commerce store. Users will not buy a product if price is not known. Showing one set of prices and having a totally different price at checkout will detour customers from completing the buying process. Users don’t like this type of deceptive method and will not come to the site again.

What are your thoughts on product layout and the important role it plays for e commerce websites in keeping users from clicking away from the site?

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Reassess Your Ecommerce Business

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~ This was posted on March 18, 2009

Has your online ecommerce business slowed down due to the state of the economy? You’re not alone; many other online businesses are experiencing the same due to the recession but some are still doing pretty well. Are you wondering how some of these online businesses in your industry are doing so well and you’re not? There is a saying “Survival of the fittest”. Only the fittest among the thousands of online businesses will survive in these though economic times. Be the one that will survive by reassessing your ecommerce business.

Things to consider while reassessing your online ecommerce business:

  • Product/Service Pricing
    A lot of shoppers are turning to online shopping to search for the best price, and because of the hassle of driving to the mall since they can get nearly everything they need online and delivered right to their door. They will try to get the maximum benefit for the least amount of cost so pricing plays a huge role in the buying decision process.
  • Product/Service Promotion
    Entice consumers by promoting your product or services. Take advantage of the opportunity by giving special offers like free shipping, coupons, and pricing matches on the same product offered by another competitor. Giving customers that order regularly or spent a lot in the past special deals will help retain old customers while taking in new ones.
  • Update Website
    The first thing that any user sees when coming to your website is the design. The design will tell a lot about a company whether it can be trusted. Like taking care of your body to keep it healthy you will need to update and maintain your website to extract the most benefit from it. Updating your ecommerce store with fresh new products, promotions, and pricing changes will get users to come to your site more often to look for great deals.

Consumers are what drive a business and without the consumer there is no business. A simple reason for a loss in sales or weak growth is maybe your online business is behind with the changing times. As the economy changes so does consumer spending. With the current recession consumers are changing their spending habits and becoming smart shoppers and changing your business to gear toward this trend will get you ahead of your competitors.

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Video Marketing Strategies That Helps

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~ This was posted on March 11, 2009

As more and more people use the web it has become a big source of opportunity for businesses to market their products or services to the consumer in a cost effective way. One way to provide interactive web site marketing is through video marketing. Video marketing cost way less then TV advertisement and with the increase in video sharing websites like YouTube and social media sites, it has became a great strategy for web marketing to reach thousands of potential customers.

Like other forms of marketing, video marketing on the web requires a different web site marketing strategy to be effective. The following are tips on ways to create an effective marketing campaign:

  • Video is short and gets to the point. No one wants to site and watch an hour long video about a product or service. Making a long and boring video will not help increase sells but instead discourage users from buying or every going to the site again.
  • Video place in location that gets attention. If you have a website make sure the video or a link to the video is placed in a location that gets attention, like at the top of the page. If place at the right location the video will have a huge impact.
  • Write a short description of the video. Having a description will inform the viewer about the video. No user will look at a video if they don’t know what it is about.
  • Submit video to social media networks. Getting your video out there in the media and having a link leading back to your site will increase traffic and drive sales to your site. Most video sharing sites like YouTube are free and will not cost anything to post the video up on their site. You can find a list of other video sharing sites here.

Set yourself apart from your competitors and reach millions of potential customers costing less to no money at all through the use of video marketing. Buying online is much different from going to a store and buying a product since you can’t touch or feel the product before making a purchase.

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