Add some functionality and zest to your web site to improve your customer's experience.

Custom Business Application Design

PHP database programming for the web is a type of website programming that uses server-side programming languages to access databases. Custom PHP MySQL databases are used to add interactive functionality to websites. By adding online tools, searchable databases of your work, pricing wizards and complex sign-up applications you can automate your business website which results in a better experience for your customer.

The advantage of using databases allows your customer to search, sort, retrieve and display data, which can be photos, blocks of texts, part numbers or names. It really makes a website feel much differently than a static brochure-type page.

Databases work server-side, which means that interested customers can browse your goods/services 24/7.

Add a Searchable Database to Your Website

Adding a searchable database to your website is a great way to improve sales and advertise online. The database can be for almost anything from used farm equipment, surplus factory equipment, estate sale items, vacation rentals, to your portfolio or animals that need a home.

Adding photos, categories and text descriptions allow visitors to search and find exactly what they need as part of the “pre-sale” step for your website. Marketing your inventory online is a great Internet marketing strategy and can sometimes be very easily added to a current website.

Structured correctly, these databases are regularly spidered by the search engines which means customers will find you in many more ways! If you were to include specifics such as manufacturer and model number if it’s a part of your market, they will come up in online searches. The more ways you are found = more potential for sales.

As an example, many pieces of older factory equipment are impossible to find replacement parts for. We have clients that buy used factory equipment at auctions and then list the individual parts on their site with photos and detailed descriptions to their online databases. They then receive a steady stream of inquires from inquires for the exact part they have in stock and are able to quickly complete a sale.