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Website Maintenance 101: The Essentials

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~ This was posted on December 19, 2008

A website is like a car where it needs to be tuned up and maintained to keep it looking new and in good working order.  Website maintenance will help ensure that the website is running smoothly and as it is suppose to.  Almost all web maintenance jobs deal with going in and changing or adding code.  Web code can be dangerous to change since one error or line of code can drastically alter or break your website.

The following web maintenance check list is essential to any website maintenance work done and to ensure quality work with less maintenance cost later on.

Broken Links: Check all outgoing links to make sure they are still valid.  Manual checking all links is recommended for sites with less than five links but any higher and you can use a free program called Xenu to check for broken links.

Spell Check: Any new text content that is added should be spell checked and made sure that it is added to the correct place on the website.  Copying text to words programs like Microsoft Word can quickly check spelling and grammar errors.

Navigation: Make sure navigation is going to correct pages and additional new pages added to website should have navigation links to correct places on the website.

Valid HTML Code: Checking for code errors after all web maintenance changes is a must.  Errors in HTML code can cause problems like pages looking differently when someone uses different web browsers or cause Google spiders to stop crowing your site.  A free service W3 Validator will help validate your codes to standard.

Browser Test: The three most used web browsers that accounts for about 90% of the market are Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.  It is a good idea to check your work on these browsers to make sure pages are displayed correctly in each browser and nothing is out of place.

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How to Select Your Website Maintenance Company

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~ This was posted on December 2, 2008

You have hired someone to build your business website and now you have changes to make. You can’t get a phone call back or changes take weeks or a month to get made. What can you do?

Most web designers are one or two person companies who work out of their homes. They focus on making new sales and then producing that website. Even though they have the best of intentions, they simply don’t have the bandwidth to service what they design. They many times are not the right choice for business website maintenance.

You need to align your business with a company that actively maintains and services websites, a website maintenance service. There are a lot of them out there. What should you look at? You need to match their services with your needs.

  1. Company: Research the web maintenance firm. Look at the size of the company; do they have multiple people doing this work? How long have they been in business? Are they local to you? Give them a call and ask about turn around guarantees. Were they easy to contact? How comfortable would you be in working with them?
  2. Services: Look at the available services. Do they offer business web design so you are comfortable that they can make graphic changes. Look at their website portfolio of work. Almost all will make text updates, replacing and updating images and adding new pages. Others will offer hosting, monthly back-ups for your website, web design, fast response on changes, text writing, SEO services, fixing current web applications, building new database programs or even web marketing consulting.
  3. Hosting: It is a good idea to host with your website maintenance service if they provide quality business web hosting. This will usually give you access to regular website backups. Your maintenance service can then give full technical support for your website.
  4. Contracts: You will usually have a choice between by the hour service or a retainer maintenance agreement for website maintenance. Pay-by-the-hour service is usually the best choice if you only have occasional changes to make. Prepaid agreements usually give priority service and discounted prices, but you pay for the hours whether you use them or not.

Website maintenance is an important part of your web marketing effort. Choices shouldn’t be made based on lowest price, but on the best value to your marketing effort.

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