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Database Driven Websites: Long Term Savings!

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~ This was posted on December 12, 2008

Not many online business and e-commerce stores know this but huge amount of money are being drained or lost on web maintenance costs every time a webpage is manually updated.  One of the successes to any website is having interesting, clear and engaging content which gets returning visits from users.  A business is in the line of making money not losing money, so having a database driven website also known as dynamic website is the perfect way to have engaging content based on the user actions.

Dynamic vs. Static Websites

Static: Web pages that were created by the webmaster.  Every time a user loads up the page it will be the same; the content will never change unless the code was manually changed with the new content and upload to the web server.


  • Lower initial cost of building website because of no programming cost


  • Dull website with not much user interactions and content change
  • Long term cost due to web maintenance cost over time
  • Low to no security if website contains vital information on pages

Dynamic: Pages load up differently every time based on the users’ actions within the web page without the need for webmaster going in and manually making the changes. These types of website tend to use database programming to dynamically display content onto a single web page.


  • Reduce the number of web pages needed to be produced to more than half which would reduce cost
  • Website engages user’s actions
  • Automated content changes
  • High security, user information is restricted using login
  • Little to no web maintenance cost
  • Long term cost reduction with less maintenance cost


  • High initial cost of building website because of programming cost

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