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Online Web Marketing

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~ This was posted on May 4, 2009

Before the invention of the web many businesses market their products and services through expensive media channels like TV ads and direct call advertising. Depending on your marketing budget and targeted audience it would cost from as little as a few thousand to couple of millions.

Today in the information age you can find almost everything online. More than 1.5 billion people world wide uses the internet and is still growing ( Web marketing does not restrict to a single location or require large amount of budget like conventional marketing. Online web marketing has provided businesses both small and large with an inexpensive avenue of adverting product and services.

“What marketing channels should I use to market my product or services?”


The marketing channels that should be used to market your product or services all depends on the type of business and target audience. All ecommerce business should deploy online web marketing since it is a good way to drive traffic to the site and increase web ranking. Conventional marketing like TV, Newspaper, Radio, etc. should be considered if an ecommerce business sells products to only a small location. Marketing online is a good way for businesses that sells offline to create good reputation line with people does a search for the company.

To be truly successful in both the online and offline marketing businesses need to establish good reputation and build credibility.

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Video Marketing Strategies That Helps

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~ This was posted on March 11, 2009

As more and more people use the web it has become a big source of opportunity for businesses to market their products or services to the consumer in a cost effective way. One way to provide interactive web site marketing is through video marketing. Video marketing cost way less then TV advertisement and with the increase in video sharing websites like YouTube and social media sites, it has became a great strategy for web marketing to reach thousands of potential customers.

Like other forms of marketing, video marketing on the web requires a different web site marketing strategy to be effective. The following are tips on ways to create an effective marketing campaign:

  • Video is short and gets to the point. No one wants to site and watch an hour long video about a product or service. Making a long and boring video will not help increase sells but instead discourage users from buying or every going to the site again.
  • Video place in location that gets attention. If you have a website make sure the video or a link to the video is placed in a location that gets attention, like at the top of the page. If place at the right location the video will have a huge impact.
  • Write a short description of the video. Having a description will inform the viewer about the video. No user will look at a video if they don’t know what it is about.
  • Submit video to social media networks. Getting your video out there in the media and having a link leading back to your site will increase traffic and drive sales to your site. Most video sharing sites like YouTube are free and will not cost anything to post the video up on their site. You can find a list of other video sharing sites here.

Set yourself apart from your competitors and reach millions of potential customers costing less to no money at all through the use of video marketing. Buying online is much different from going to a store and buying a product since you can’t touch or feel the product before making a purchase.

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Tips on Boosting Online Business During Recession

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~ This was posted on December 15, 2008

According to the recent news from the America’s National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) the US had been in recession since December, 2007.  From rich to poor everyone is feeling the squeeze during this rough economic time.  Times are tough but this can also be a good opportunity for small online businesses to surpass large competitors that are feeling the full blunt of the storm to become the dominate player when this is all over.

Tips for success:

  1. Cut Unnecessary Spending
    List all costs associated with the business and see if they can be reduced or cut.  Try to negotiate cost reduction with your supplier and if not you can try looking around.  There are products and services that will offer the same level of quality at cheaper price because of the state of the economy right now.
  2. Entice Consumers
    Consumers are being more aware of their spending in tough times and will shop around for the best price and offers.  Discounts or free shipping on orders will entice consumer to buy from you and not your competitors.
  3. Stay Positive and Enthusiastic
    Don’t let bad news from the economy get you in a panic mode but instead stay positive and urge yourself that if you can get through this, business will get even stronger.  What goes down must come up.
  4. Look for Opportunities
    There are opportunities for small web business to make money during a recession when big competitors are feeling the most strain. Don’t wait for opportunities to knock on your door but go out and find them.
  5. Marketing
    Some businesses often cut marketing during recession but marketing plays a vital role in bringing traffic.  Spend wisely on marketing that will get the most results for less cost and you can save thousands.
  6. Resist Illegal Temptations
    Many websites are turning to marketing techniques that are considered “black hat” by Google to increase traffic and sales to their website.  Resist the urges to do so!  Once caught by Google your site can be banned from the search engine and it is not worth it.
  7. Research & Track Stats
    During this tough recession it is vital to keep an eye on your web business.  You can look at stats to learn which items are selling and which are not and devise changes.  Research competitor’s site and continually tweak your site to outperform theirs.

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