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Reassess Your Ecommerce Business

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~ This was posted on March 18, 2009

Has your online ecommerce business slowed down due to the state of the economy? You’re not alone; many other online businesses are experiencing the same due to the recession but some are still doing pretty well. Are you wondering how some of these online businesses in your industry are doing so well and you’re not? There is a saying “Survival of the fittest”. Only the fittest among the thousands of online businesses will survive in these though economic times. Be the one that will survive by reassessing your ecommerce business.

Things to consider while reassessing your online ecommerce business:

  • Product/Service Pricing
    A lot of shoppers are turning to online shopping to search for the best price, and because of the hassle of driving to the mall since they can get nearly everything they need online and delivered right to their door. They will try to get the maximum benefit for the least amount of cost so pricing plays a huge role in the buying decision process.
  • Product/Service Promotion
    Entice consumers by promoting your product or services. Take advantage of the opportunity by giving special offers like free shipping, coupons, and pricing matches on the same product offered by another competitor. Giving customers that order regularly or spent a lot in the past special deals will help retain old customers while taking in new ones.
  • Update Website
    The first thing that any user sees when coming to your website is the design. The design will tell a lot about a company whether it can be trusted. Like taking care of your body to keep it healthy you will need to update and maintain your website to extract the most benefit from it. Updating your ecommerce store with fresh new products, promotions, and pricing changes will get users to come to your site more often to look for great deals.

Consumers are what drive a business and without the consumer there is no business. A simple reason for a loss in sales or weak growth is maybe your online business is behind with the changing times. As the economy changes so does consumer spending. With the current recession consumers are changing their spending habits and becoming smart shoppers and changing your business to gear toward this trend will get you ahead of your competitors.

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  1. Always a fantastic idea to change things up due to the state of the economy, good stuff!

    Comment by Adam — April 6, 2009 @ 7:31 am

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