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Effective eCommerce Website Design: Product Layout

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~ This was posted on April 17, 2009

Simply adding products to your online ecommerce website store will not generate sales. Good ecommerce web design takes time, planning and research. Potential customers come to your site for a reason and if that reason is not fulfilled then you’ve missed out on a sale.

Some simple tips for product layout on your ecommerce website design that would help draw users to click and look around a site rather then leaving the site right away are:

Easy navigation
Don’t overwhelm the user with lots of categories on your ecommerce website design but instead limit categories by putting them into a few large categories and having sub categories. Most users will leave a site when overwhelmed by too much information. A simple rule of thumb to consider when doing ecommerce web design on navigation is to keep it under three clicks. If users can’t get to a product in three clicks or fewer, then try redesigning your navigation.

Product picture/Description
A huge disadvantage of online businesses is the fact that the consumer doesn’t have the luxury to feel and touch the products before buying. This is where product pictures and descriptions come into play. Have small multiple thumbnail pictures of the same product linking to larger images if a user decides to click on it. Have some text to describe the product. A great example of this on a well known ecommerce website is Amazon.

Store Search Function
This is a helpful tool on any ecommerce store since it helps users to easily search for what they want within seconds on a website. Putting a search function is not an easy task and requires an experience programmer to help. It is recommended that only large online businesses with lots of products have the search function.

Show Pricing
Show product price, discounts, and shipping costs are a good practice for any e commerce store. Users will not buy a product if price is not known. Showing one set of prices and having a totally different price at checkout will detour customers from completing the buying process. Users don’t like this type of deceptive method and will not come to the site again.

What are your thoughts on product layout and the important role it plays for e commerce websites in keeping users from clicking away from the site?

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