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Business Web Hosting Is The Heart Of Your Website

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~ This was posted on March 2, 2009

Having a reliable company take care of your web hosting needs is essential for any business. When it comes to business web hosting, any moment that the website is down is costing money.

Having reliable uptime is important, but what else should you look for in a web hosting company?

  • Complete Access: Some companies only give you FTP access without a hosting control panel. An example of a standard control panel, cPanel, offers so many more benefits than just uploading files. You can create email addresses, add additional domains to your web hosting account, even set up mail filters at the server level. Without full access, you’re missing out on true web hosting at its most powerful level.
  • Database & Web Page Backup: If anything should happen to the server, having a web hosting company make the effort to provide their customers the courtesy of backing up data is a very good idea. Databases are the backbone of any store/CMS system, and if this data was lost, the entire website would be in very bad shape. Look for companies that provide backups daily.
  • Digital Certificate Purchases & Compatiblity: Installing a digital certificate for an online store is absolutely necessary, and it can be quite the process when going through the steps with zero knowledge of how it works. Check to see if your web hosting company is willing to install digital certificates for you - it will save you the potential headache.
  • Web hosting really is the heart of your website - everything relies on it to be responsive, quick, and consistent. Research before you pick your next web hosting company; it could very well dictate your website’s lifespan.

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What You Don’t Know About Web Hosting Can Hurt You!

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~ This was posted on December 3, 2008

What is next after you’ve designed and created your business website and chosen a domain name? It would be meaningless if it can’t be seen online by others. What you need is a web hosting server to put your website on. Having a web host that is unreliable, loads websites slowly, and can’t support the type of website you have will hurt your business image.

Critical items when deciding on a business web hosting provider:

  1. Data Backup: Does the hosting have data backup service and how often does your data get backed up? Quality business web hosting providers will have data backup. Look for providers that offer daily, weekly and monthly automatic backup services. The cost of not having data backup will cause considerable cost to your business.
  2. Uptime: Anything below a 99.9% uptime would be considered a poor hosting service provider. What systems does your provider have in place to ensure uptime?
  3. Supports: Does your web hosting company provide live tech support? A quality business web hosting company will have many means for customers to get support like email, phone, and live chat. Is the support staff knowledgeable in solving hosting issues that will arise?
  4. Tools & Software: Does the hosting provide the necessary tools or software that you will need to run your website? Will hosting provider install digital certificates needed for ecommerce hosting?
  5. Pricing: Pricing is important when considering a hosting company but should be considered last. Cheap hosting tends to place too many accounts onto one server. Cheap web hosting will provide less value and tend to be less reliable.
  6. Upgrades: Does the hosting provide room for future growth? Having a website hosting provider that has upgradeable packages will go more smoothly when upgrading services then having to transfer hosting information to a different provider. So choosing a hosting service provider that allow for future growth is more preferable.

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