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Increase Website Conversion Rates up to 500%

A person rarely buys on the first visit to your website. Utilize smart, proven business website design tactics; add a lead capture form and a sequential auto responder to send informative emails to increase your sales conversions 500%.

You should select a website development firm that understands Internet marketing strategies and that has a full offering of marketing, website design for business, development and web traffic services. At Chet Holmes International Marketing Technology Division, we not only understand what can go wrong, we know how to do it right. Delivering results your business can depend and grow on!

Business Website Design has a 90% Failure Rate! WHY...

They fail to get results. They fail to attract new visitors. They fail to convert traffic into sales, a lead or even a phone call. Get the facts:

  • Competition: There are 232 million websites on the Web
    (NetCraft April 2009).
  • Web Traffic: 93% of all websites never generate any real traffic
    (Nixon 2006).
  • Usability: 97% of websites fail to meet most basic web accessibility requirements according to a 2006 study done on behalf of the United Nations.
  • Invalid Code: 95.9% of over 3 million websites tested were found to have invalid HTML (Opera). Code errors negatively affect the user experience and rankings.
  • Ecommerce: 74% of online shoppers were not satisfied with their online shopping experience (Forrester study 2006).
  • Hacker Attacks: 80 percent of websites worldwide are vulnerable to security attacks according to a study by Unisys of 3 million websites.

Effective Business Website Design

You have 3 seconds to capture your visitor's attention. You do not have minutes, your visitors are not forced to stay or explore; in those vital first seconds, your website has to be engaging enough to capture their attention, provide credibility and offer some kind of benefit that will keep that visitor from browsing elsewhere.

The way to do that is to incorporate effective website design for business strategies into your website marketing plan. Because no matter how many PPC-campaigns you are involved in, flyers you have sent out, or high-ranking keywords for major search engines your site is ranked for; if your visitors do not feel compelled to stay at your site, they are only a click away from using a competitor's service. Give your visitors a reason to stay at your site with compelling content and an attention-getting design. Interest visitors in how you can solve their problem to get a willing buyer.

We just got a call from a customer named Eric H. He told our dispatcher that the reason he chose our company is because of our website. He works for Microsoft and he said it was very professional, very well put together, well written, and easy to use. He will continue to use our services because of our website.

Way to go Doug Williams & Associates!!

Jason Marlowe,
Assistant Marketing Director
Miller's One Hour Heating & AC

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